Au Pair Travel: Nashville Tennessee

Au Pair Travel: Nashville Tennessee

It's not uncommon for au pairs coming to the United States to be most familiar with our costal states. New York and California have some of the most well-known landmarks in the country! But all fifty of our states have wonderful scenery and events to offer, which some of our Nashville au pairs found out last summer.

The Harpeth River is located in Davidson County, Tennessee. Settled by a group of Native Americans known as the Mississippians between 1000 " 1600 AD, people have been wondering at its beauty for centuries.

Today the park is a recreational area with hiking, fishing and boating. Au pairs living across the city of Nashville made the trek, less than an hour from the city center, to Davidson County where Harpeth River is located. The au pairs were from countries around the world; Turkey, China, Thailand, France and Mexico, it was eye opening for the au pairs to experience the rural Tennessee environment.

'On a day in which the weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold, the trip had the au pairs begging to stay longer. They enjoyed a few rapids, snacking, and the natural beauty of one of Nashville's favorite recreational areas!' said Area Director Lindsey Monger, who accompanied the au pairs on the trip.

The au pairs canoed, enjoyed the weather, and generally got to hang out in nature with one another! It was a fantastic trip that many are already looking forward to participating in again come early spring!

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