Au Pair Travel: The Grand Canyon

Au Pair Travel: The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the United States’ most beautiful national parks, and is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. It offers incredible natural stone formations, the result of the mighty Colorado River which has for centuries snaked through the valley below. Recently a group of ten au pairs and their Area Director, Brenda, made the four hour trek from Phoenix to see this awesome sight.

au pairs visit the grand canyon

For these au pairs the day started with a road trip! The group bonded by talking, laughing, and playing road games. They enjoyed a fun lunch together and stopped at a Native American shop to view beautiful handmade jewelry, blankets and crafts. Once they got to the main event, it was everything they hoped for and more:

“I went in expecting to see the canyon, take a few photos and be done, but on arrival Brenda took us hiking down and it’s as if I was seeing a whole different Canyon. I literally experienced new heights and conquered fears!!” said Jo-Anne of South Africa

Upon arriving at the Grand Canyon, the au pairs learned more about the Native America tribes that lived around the area. They also learned about the formation of the Canyon and the history of the park. At some spots they were able to hike down into the Canyon, which according to one au pair was “absolutely breathtaking!”

Another fun and unexpected part of the trip was exposure to the many forms of wildlife that hang out around the canyon. There were huge elk, including babies with their mothers, as well as small squirrels that would run right up to the group! Up above the Canyon beautiful eagles soared over them, along with owls and crows.

“I was so excited to see Grand Canyon since I've been in the US and finally when I got a chance to go there it was even better than I was expecting. Brenda has been there a couple times so she knew very cool places that are worth it to see,” said Zuzana of the Czech Republic

The Grand Canyon has become one of Area Director Brenda’s favorite trips, saying “It’s the one that the Au Pairs will talk about for the rest of the year. I love that I am able to share this once in a lifetime experience with them. It is truly an amazing trip each year!”

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