Preparing for the Future: Au Pair Resume Building Tips with Pace University

Preparing for the Future: Au Pair Resume Building Tips with Pace University

We recently held a Resume Building virtual event for AuPairCare au pairs across the country led by Pace University English Language Institute. Our guest speaker, Daniel Lenkowsk, Director of Enrollment Management provided an in-depth presentation on the do's and don'ts for resumes, cover letters, and professional development. The participating au pairs came from a variety of professional backgrounds and were eager to hear from an American professional on how they could best communicate the skills they learned while on the au pair program.

This session included information on different resume styles, writing strategies, skills, resume examples, and more that were specific to the au pair experience. They even participated in a group exercise where au pairs would point out all the skills they gained during their J-1 program year. Some of the skills and experience listed were patience, creativity, and time management. Daniel Lenkowsk pointed out that these skills and experiences au pairs gained could be marketed for future jobs. AuPairCare Regional Manager Kristin said, '

Daniel's biggest message was for au pairs to use their au pair experience on their resume. The au pairs were very engaged and appreciative of Daniel Lenkowsk's insight.

During the meeting, au pairs were able to ask valuable and specific questions. Au pair Luiza from Brazil asked the presenter,

I graduated as a Psychologist major, is it interesting to indicate my educational experience and how it connects to my skills as an au pair?

At the end of the call, many au pairs expressed how helpful the presentation was. Au pair Elrika from South Africa said

I learned a lot! Thank you so much for this information!

All topics covered were meant to help the au pairs prepare and think about their own individual professional journeys during and after they complete the au pair program. This session also helped dispel the common concern that some au pairs have, which is that they will have a gap in their resume. Daniel Lenkowsk made it clear that the skills gained during their program year can be transferable in all professions. He helped them reflect on skills like being organized, coordinating, motivating, or supervising, which can also be described as leadership, critical thinking, and creativity skills which are all attributes many employers seek and need on their team.

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