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Hear From an Au Pair: Your Au Pair Pre-Departure Project


The pre-departure project is the last big task you’ll take care of before starting your program year in the U.S. To complete this project successfully, you’ll need to research the community you’ll be living in, learn about your host parents and most important plan for your host children!

This handbook is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your host family, and is an excellent way to start your relationship with them by showing your commitment with the Au Pair program!

There is not a perfect formula for a pre-departure project, this is personal and you can be as creative as you would like to be. If you are a crafty person, go ahead and use colored paper, glitter, whatever you need to make the most beautiful collage ever. If on the other hand you are an excellent graphic designer maybe working on the computer will be your best choice. Even if you aren’t creative at all, this will be a wonderful training for you. You’ll probably be doing a lot of things like this when it’s time to entertain your kids or help them with homework! The most important thing is to make sure it is tailored for your future family and adequate for the ages of the children you will take care for.

We know starting projects sometimes can be a little difficult, so we have included a sample project below in order to help you with some ideas. Don’t forget to read the pre-departure project instructions so that you know what to include. Feel free to ask your local representative if you need help!

Download Sample Pre-Departure Project

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