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Advice for Parents

Our advice for parents entries focus on comparing childcare options (nannies, au pairs, daycares and preschools), discussing childcare issues many parents face, au pair training, childcare guides and more. We're here to help you sift through the options and figure out what's best for your family. 


Au Pairs vs. Nannies vs. Daycare

Au pairs, nannies and daycares may seem to offer the same childcare for your family, but an au pair is much more than a live-in nanny. From the school year into the summer, au pairs keep your children engaged and having fun!

Tuesday, August 24th

Why Choose AuPairCare for your Childcare

Once you’ve learned about the benefits and requirements of the au pair program and decided this might be a good fit, it’s time to decide which agency you should go with! There are lots of choices out there but here at AuPairCare we’re committed to live-in childcare and cultural exchange.  Here are some of the most popular reasons families choose AuPairCare:

Tuesday, August 17th
Why an au pair improves work life balance

How Au Pair Childcare Improves Work-Life Balance

Looking for a childcare solution that helps you to balance it all? Check out the following six reasons that au pair childcare improves work-life balance.

Tuesday, July 27th
Secure Au Pair Childcare In Time for Back to School

Secure Your Childcare In Time for Back to School

Summer may be in full swing, but it’s already time to start thinking about securing childcare for the Fall! Here are some of the top reasons we hear from parents why welcoming an au pair in August or September is a game changer:

Tuesday, June 15th

Choose Your Summer Au Pair

It’s still spring – but believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking of summer childcare! Our match deadlines are quickly approaching.

Tuesday, May 25th
Looking For A Nanny or Au Pair

7 Things to Look for in a Nanny or Au Pair

Finding the right childcare provider is tough, and for those not prepared, it can turn into a full-time job fast. The choices can be overwhelming and the qualifications of the candidates can vary dramatically. While the search is not always easy, we’re sure you agree it’s worth it to find the perfect companion for your little ones. To ease the pain of your search, we polled a few of our host moms to see which attributes they say you should look for in your next nanny or au pair.

Tuesday, January 12th
Comforting your au pair during times of crisis

Caring For Your Au Pair in Tough Times

We like to say "home is where the heart is"...and in difficult times, this is truer than ever. Check out our tips for supporting your au pair through difficult times.

Tuesday, May 26th
3 Reasons Why You Should Welcome an Au Pair When You Have a Toddler

3 Benefits of Welcoming An Au Pair When You Have a Toddler

Of course, you can welcome an au pair to your family with kids of all ages! When it comes to the toddlers (and pre-schoolers!), the ages and stages of 1-3 years old can be especially tricky. With an au pair in the home, you have an extra parenting partner to help navigate the toddler twos and threes!

Wednesday, May 6th
5 Tips For Working at Home With Kids

5 Tips For Working at Home With Kids

For many parents adjusting to temporarily working from home, getting any work done can feel like an uphill battle. From your littles wanting to play with mom or dad to teens needing extra supervision, your days can feel long and busy. Read on for our tips to optimize at-home working.

Friday, April 10th
Reasons to Welcome an Au Pair This Winter

3 Reasons to Welcome an Au Pair This Winter

Securing childcare just in time for the long winter season is a comfort for many of our host parents. But that’s not the only benefit to matching now; learn the top three reasons to welcome an au pair this winter!

Tuesday, November 5th