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AuPairCare's New Advanced Online Training: Education At Home

Advanced Au Pair Online Training Education at Home + Summer Activities


With many kids across the nation currently at home instead of attending in-person school, parents are looking for alternative options to keep their children learning and engaged through summer and into the school year. For families, kids, and au pairs alike, at-home learning is an entirely new ballgame! This is why AuPairCare is excited to launch Education At Home, one of our Advanced Online Training courses.

The Education At Home course is created specifically for au pairs and parents undertaking at-home learning for the first time. By the end of the course, your au pair will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of education at home and what that means as an au pair
  • Create realistic goals and routines based on your child's abilities and interests
  • Communicate effectively with host children about their responsibilities as students and keep them on track
  • Develop a learning path with a positive "learning while having fun" approach

Additionally, your au pair will receive printable worksheets, hands-on activities for kids, and resources and tips to support education at home. Equipped with these tools, your au pair will be able to help support your child's distance learning. Plus, the Education at Home course is completely free! You can find this course in your Family Room portal.

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