6 Ways to Tackle Homesickness During the Holidays

6 Ways to Tackle Homesickness During the Holidays

Here in the United States, holiday celebrations begin as early as November, right before Thanksgiving time! With so much emphasis on family, food, and traditions, it is easy for au pairs to feel a twinge of homesickness. Check out six tips from the AuPairCare team to make these festive months fun and help beat homesickness.

Get involved in your host family’s tradition

au pair baking with host family

The best way to make the most of the holidays season is to participate. Rather than sitting back and watching your host family celebrate, make sure you join in. Whether it's cooking a favorite dish or going ice skating, there’s a reason your host family loves it so much. See for yourself and join in the fun with them. It will bring you all closer and distract you from missing home. Plus, it’s fun to learn about cultures different from your own!

Share your own traditions with your host family

Are you missing one of your favorite holidays this year? Let your host family know Share some of your customs and stories of holidays back home. You and your host family can work together to incorporate your traditions into the celebrations. That way you can have a little bit of home with you, and you can expose your host family to amazing new traditions.

Connect with other au pairs in the area - they might feel homesick too

If you feel a little sad you’re missing holidays at home, there’s a big chance other au pairs feel the same. Reach out to them! Meet up for fun activities and reminisce on holidays at home, but also about holidays in the US. It always helps to have someone to relate to. You can see nearby au pairs in your Au Pair Portal, or ask your Area Director!

thanksgiving holidays with your host family

Reach out to friends and family back home

The holidays can be hard when you’re so far from home. But thankfully, technology has made it so much easier. Stay in touch with family and friends via Skype, Facebook, or whatever form you feel and share your new life with them. Keep up with things back home, but make sure you don’t miss out on what is happening in the present.

Research the holidays in the US and find things that make you excited

From food, movies, costumes, and activities, there’s so much happening during the holiday season. Find out what special foods your host family cooks, classic holiday moves to watch, fun outfits to wear, and new activities to participate in. Once you really immerse yourself, you can become an insider and equal part of the celebrations.

au pairs share holiday experiences

Take pictures & write in your journal - keep track of your memories

Commemorate the magical moments of the holiday season. It will help you stay involved in what’s happening in the now and provide keepsakes for future you. Plus, your friends and family back home will want to know what holidays in America are all about!

have fun with friends

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