4 Tips for Staying Organized This Winter

4 Tips for Staying Organized This Winter

We all know that it can get a little extra crazy during the winter months. Between kids’ activities, school, and holiday events, it’s easy to let things slip. To avoid losing important items, plans, and your mind, here are some organizational tips for you and the family this winter season!

au pair ideas to keep kids busy winter

1. Sticky Note Calendar / Dry Erase Calendar

Let’s face it, plans rarely go the way we intended. Instead of making a pristine, filled-out calendar, try using sticky notes or a dry erase board to make your schedule. That way you can still be organized but allow yourself some much-needed flexibility.

tips to keep kids busy organized winter

2. Chore Punch Card

Sometimes it can be hard to incentivize your kids to help, unless there’s a special prize involved. Instead of rewarding them after each chore, create a punch card system. After completing a certain number of tasks, they can be rewarded for their hard work. It teaches discipline and responsibility, while also keeping them motivated. Win-win!

au pair ideas to keep kids busy winter

3. TV Infomercial

Make cleaning a tv-worthy production and let your kids take the lead. Have them display how great a cleaning product can be in action. It’s a creative and fun way to get some cleaning done! Plus, it teaches some valuable skills.

au pair keep kids busy winter time

4. Label, Bins, and More

Winter comes with a lot of gear that takes up space. Spend some time crafting storage bins so that you know where all your winter belongings are located. We’ve all experienced the case of the missing glove but labeled storage bins should help keep everything in one place.

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