3 Ways Being An Au Pair Helps Your Career

3 Ways Being An Au Pair Helps Your Career

Being an au pair can be the adventure of a lifetime.Not only does being an au pair teach you aboutyour passions and skills, but it also looks great on your resume! Read on for how being an au pair can prepare for you for a successful career, regardless of the pathyou choose.

1. Mastering English.While you're living and working in the U.S.you are immersed in the English language. You'll be learning new terms related to childcare, andyou'realso learning how to communicate efficiently in a completelydifferent language. Companies across the world are always looking for candidates that are bilingual (and trilingual!), so beingfluent inEnglish is a big advantage.

2. Problem solving and time-management.As a care provider for children, you knowthe importance of being organized and on a schedule! From making sure your host kids make it toschool in a timely manner to navigating the development of toddlers or teenagers, you've seen it all during your time as an au pair. Knowing how to prioritize tasks under stress ordeadline is an important skill future employers look for.

3. Empathy and being a team player.You have the opportunity to meet so many diversepeople as an au pair. From bonding with fellow au pairs from other countries and backgrounds to living with a host family from a different culture, your world view will broaden due to cultural exchange. Understanding different perspectives and cultural differences helps you become a better team player, regardless of the job you're in. Plus, you'll become a part of analumni networkaround the world!

Being an au pair is not just an adventure, it changes a life.

- Christelle from France