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3 Tips To Keep You Organized This School Year

Tips To Keep You Organized During School

The school year is in full swing, and between school, extracurriculars, play dates, and downtime, it can be hard to stay on top of it all! Here are three tips and DIYs to help you keep everything organized and running smoothly.

1. Create a homework kit.

Help your kids stay focused on their homework with a homework kit! Fill any box (a plastic storage container works great) with the school supplies they might need to complete their homework. For younger kids, this might include markers, crayons, a pencil sharpener, scissors, or a glue stick. For older kids, this might include extra lined paper, pens, highlighters, index cards, a compass/protractor, or a calculator. Don’t forget to decorate the box with your child’s name or stickers of their favorite characters! 

Art box

2. Create a “mailbox” for any papers parents need to sign.

Have your kids put any papers for Mom or Dad to sign in a designated magazine holder as soon as they get home from school? This will prevent any permission slips or tests from being lost at the bottom of a backpack. After all, there’s nothing worse than realizing that important paper is still at home unsigned after you’ve dropped your child off!

Mail Box

3. Have a special hanger for tomorrow’s clothes.

There’s nothing more difficult than deciding what to wear in the morning when you’re already rushed for school! Eliminate a morning task by having your child decide what to wear the night before. Hang it on a colorful hanger, and it’s ready to go! You can also poke a hole in a zip-lock bag for things like socks, tights, or accessories—just slide it on to the top of the hanger. 

Special hanger

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