3 Reasons to Welcome an Au Pair This Winter

3 Reasons to Welcome an Au Pair This Winter

Fall is officially in full swing and thelongwinter months are just around the corner! As a parent, it can mean feeling the stress of unexpected snow days and school breaks while also battling cold and flu season. An extra set of hands during this time can make a world of difference, and welcoming an au pair in the new year can help maintain your family's unique schedule.

1. Help with the winter blues - short days and long nights!

Less light in the winter means shorter, darker daysleading to less outdoor playtime for your little ones.Welcoming an au pair in the wintertime means having a parenting partner who can help out while your kids are indoors for long hours by organizing activities to keep them entertained - and burn off that extra energy!Long winter days also bring cold-weather obstacles that make everyday tasks more complex, like making sure each child has snow clothes, warm layers, and boots. An au pair can help you divide and conquer!

2. Schools can close unexpectedly

Wintertime brings school closures for snow days, ski week, or holidays like President's Day and MLK Day. While kids love to have a day away from school, it can throw off a parent's already busyday. Having an au pair can help with those one-off days when school is unexpectedly closed and gives your family more flexibility.

3. Cold and flu season in full swing

Cold and changing temperatures mean children are more likely to get sick, especially since they'reinside more often to keep them from the cold. Watching your normally-spirited little one become lethargic and quite is one of the first signs that they're feeling under the weather, and they're likely to be sent home to prevent others from getting sick. Having an au pair is invaluable at this time; it allows you to not have to take a sick day yourself, or an au paircan watch the other children while you tend to your little one.

A new year means a fresh start, and lots of au pairs from around the world are planning to arrive at the beginning of the new year. If any of these reasonsringtrue for you, perhaps it's the right time for you to get an au pair. Check out our arrival dates-you could be welcoming an au pair before you know it!

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