2020 Ultimate Au Pair: Cansu from Turkey

2020 Ultimate Au Pair: Cansu from Turkey

Cansu is not only the ultimate Au Pair, but a truly amazing and special human being. When she came into our home, she not only brightened my daughter's life but the lives of everyone in our community. I love that the Turkish culture is one of respect, family, gratitude and values. Cansu's integrity is unmatched. She is clear on who she is and lives her values every day. She makes our home an ultimate home.

During the first months of her time here, she would spend time with us even when she was not working. She wanted to cook together, talk about our jobs, and understand our way of life. She would keep a notepad with her to make notes and practice her English. Cansu has gone above and beyond to immerse herself in America. She wants to participate in every holiday. Halloween was our first together. We decorated our home and participated in local events. We dressed up together as a family. Cansu won 1st Place in our neighborhood Halloween contest!!!  

She is amazing with my daughter. They play, sing, and dance. They have a special bond because Cansu has taken the time to really understand her. Spending all day with a 1-year-old can't be easy for a 25-year-old. However, you can tell Cansu naturally loves this work. She creates fun schedules that include learning time, exercise, and music. They go to the park. She has taught my daughter how to walk, snap, clap, and use sign language. We celebrated our daughter's first birthday in December. My husband made a mistake and picked up the wrong cake; sadly it was not decorated as planned. Cansu stepped in and used her artistic ability to decorate Quinn's first birthday cake. I was forever grateful. She also shares her art by painting a new picture for Quinn every holiday.

Turkish au pair Cansu helping decorate at Christmas with her host family

This holiday season we traveled together to visit our extended family in New Jersey. She made the trip so much fun! We stayed at my sister's home. My sister and her quickly became friends (no surprise). My sister has had a difficult year. Her son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He hasn't slept a full night in 2 years. The first night, Cansu made my sister Turkish coffee and gave her a hug. She then helped us decorate the tree so my sister could sleep. We also had the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia and NYC to show Cansu monuments and attractions. She is always so grateful and brings so much positivity everywhere we go. On New Year's Eve, she made homemade pizza and created a vision board with us (photo attached). She joins all of our family activities and goals.

Cansu loves to share Turkish food, coffee, and music with us. She is always cooking amazing foods and desserts. If we tell her we have company coming, she will surprise us with Turkish apple cookies or flan! Turkish coffee is very special. After drinking from the tiny coffee cup, Cansu can read your fortune! It is called Turkish coffee readings; similar to a horoscope. We have had so much with Cansu's readings. She teaches us what the lines mean, and how they interpret animals as symbols. For example, dolphin means abundance.

I am forever grateful to have met Cansu. I know she will be part of our family forever.

There are not enough kind words I can share about Cansu. I can say she should serve as an example of the type of person who is perfect for this program. She is open-minded, honest, kind, patient, responsibly, mature, empathetic, and curious. She always wants to improve and learn. She believes she can be successful but understands the focus and dedication is takes to make her dreams a reality. She left her huge family in Turkey to pursue a new experience. No one in her family has ever left their village. She understands that she is here for an experience, but most importantly to help our family. We found her as a re-match, and I can share that her previous family misses her dearly. They call, and send her photos and cards in the mail. The children of her previous family have not found another nanny or au pair that they connect with like Cansu -- and she was only there a few weeks. That speaks to the impact this young woman makes on those she meets.

When we got an au pair, I had no idea what to expect. You hear stories, but can't imagine what it will be like to invite someone into your home. I can sincerely say, it has been one of the best decisions we've ever made.  Cansu has become a part of our family. She tells me, "You are my friend and my sister." I suffered from postpartum after my daughter had a hospital stay. Its something that has taken a year to heal from. When Cansu joined our family she said "I can help." Three words that meant so much to me.  I am forever grateful to have met Cansu. I know she will be part of our family forever.

The Singleton Family

Smyrna, GA

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