10 Tips for Keeping a Wellness Routine at Home

10 Tips for Keeping a Wellness Routine at Home

With the recent changes to everyone's schedules, now is a good time to focus on wellness practices that keep both your mind and body happy and healthy. Read on for our list of physical and mental wellness tips that can help you handle changing situations and keep stress low.

For your body

  1. Exercise! Practice home workout routines using online instructional videos.YouTube has plenty of free videos like yoga at home, resistance exercises, or meditation practices.
  2. Take in some sun and fresh air from a porch, window, or front step. Plus, reducing screen time helps to keep a healthy sleep routine. Don't forget to get enough sleep and rest!
  3. Keep your space clean and tidy, or start a spring cleaning project.
  4. Remember to make good nutritional choices like selecting wholesome snacks and fresh fruit to boost your energy levels.
  5. Set rules for yourself that will help to keep you healthy indoors, like standing up every hour or drinking 8 cups of water a day.

For your mind

  1. Try out some games or puzzles. Playing a fun game with loved ones can help reduce stress and anxiety, plus games help us all to bond together in tough times.
  2. Complete your books-to-read list. Finish that book you've been putting off or revisit an old favorite.
  3. Find a trusted news source regarding the pandemic and related updates. Consulting your family doctor, reading local health department guidelines, or researching information from the WHO will provide precise information about the disease.
  4. Keeping in close contact with family and friends can help to prevent loneliness. Think of online tools you can use, like skype, Zoom, Facetime, and WhatsApp.
  5. Be aware of and limit screen time. Taking a step away from the news can help reduce stress.

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