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The Lewis Family with their Au Pair, Dai

The Benefits of a Local
Au Pair Agency in Denver

Experience Denver's unique culture while providing your child with exceptional personalized childcare. Embrace the Mile-High City's vibrant community and the enriching power of cultural exchange through AuPairCare, the premier Denver au pair agency dedicated to offering outstanding live-in childcare with a cultural twist.

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Denver au pair childcare

“She has been the most caring, creative, and energetic person we could ever have wished to join our home. We never want her to leave! She helps the children clean their rooms; instead of doing it for them, she shows them how to do it. She bathes them, reads to them, and does not allow them to be disrespectful or naughty. She encourages play time over screen time, healthy eating, and exercise. We could not ask for a better big sister!” 

 The Lewis family, Denver, CO

Benefits of Denver Au Pair Childcare

Renowned for its breathtaking mountain views and dynamic urban life, Denver is a remarkable place for au pairs and host families to experience the amazing benefits of the au pair program. From the iconic Rocky Mountains to the historic Union Station, your children thrive in an environment that encourages curiosity, growth, and adventure. What better way to support that curiosity than by having an au pair?  

AuPairCare’s legacy is built on the life-changing benefits of cultural exchange. Under the care of an au pair, your child will embark on an inspiring journey, exploring customs, languages, and traditions from around the world. This immersive experience fosters empathy, open-mindedness, and a global perspective, shaping your child's future positively.

Why Choose an AuPairCare Au Pair in Denver?

Are you searching for a Denver nanny? Have you toured too many Denver daycares? Consider live-in childcare with an au pair. In Denver, AuPairCare sets the benchmark for quality childcare. Our rigorous screening process ensures that responsible and qualified au pairs become part of your family’s journey. We prioritize your child's safety and well-being, providing training in child development and safety to our au pairs, along with ongoing monitoring and support throughout their stay.

Discover the convenience and flexibility of live-in childcare and the richness of cultural exchange. In Denver, AuPairCare offers an affordable solution that brings the world to your doorstep, providing flexible and loving care for your children.

Local Denver AuPairCare Area Director Support

With 35 years of experience, AuPairCare stands as a pillar of trust and reliability in childcare. Our Denver Area Directors ensure you receive support every step of the way to help enhance your au pair experience. They are passionate advocates for cultural exchange, bridging gaps, and building connections that will last a lifetime. 

Educational Opportunities for Your Denver-Area Au Pair

Denver’s abundance of educational institutions will help further enrich your future au pair’s experience in the United States. From the University of Colorado, Denver to Metropolitan State University, your Denver au pair will have opportunities for academic growth and personal development, creating a more well-rounded childcare experience for your family.

Au Pair and Family Activities in Denver

Denver is an amazing place to have an au pair. With a unique culture driven by the outdoors, music, and its famous sports teams, the city is full of family-friendly attractions for your au pair and family to do together!  Imagine life with an au pair rooting for the Broncos or Nuggets or going for hikes together as a family. Your future au pair can create bonding moments with your children through activities like exploring the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, immersing themselves in the wonders of the Denver Children's Museum, or connecting with wildlife at the Denver Zoo. Explore the ease and adaptability of live-in childcare, coupled with the invaluable benefits of cultural exchange. In Denver, AuPairCare offers an affordable childcare option that introduces global perspectives right to your home, offering versatile and personal care for children.

"Our [au pair] Maga has been an incredible addition to our family! Not only has she eased the stress that can come with going from one to two children, but she has also provided the extra love and cultural education our children need to be happy and healthy kids. We are so grateful for her positivity, patience, and affection for our family and look forward to a lifetime relationship with her and her family."

- The Bickley family, Littleton, Colorado

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