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Finding safe and flexible childcare for your family is one of the most important decisions you make as a parent.

With au pair childcare, you can get quality live-in care with a cultural twist. We service the entire Greater New York City region including Northern New Jersey and Connecticut. Our au pairs come from over 40 countries and are ready to provide loving care to your children and introduce them to a different culture. Our local staff lives in your community and is there to provide support for you every step of the way.

There are “I love you’s” and laughter flying around my house.  I see [my au pair] running after my four year old or being tackled by my eleven year old. I see in everything she does that she loves my kids.  She talks to them like a big sister and cares for each of them in ways specific to their needs even if that means being firm in a challenging moment.  During off hours, she often chooses to hang out with us; we all truly enjoy each other’s company.

- The Gubbay Family of New Jersey on their Czech au pair Svetlana
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Convenient Location

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There’s no place like home. With live-in childcare provided by an au pair, you no longer have to juggle coordinating the nanny’s schedule or a nanny share, and you can skip the rush of daycare drop off and pick up.

Adult to Child Ratio

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Your child will receive more focused attention with an au pair or nanny, as the ratio is based solely on the size of your family. Daycares have higher caregiver to child ratios that may be good for children as they approach school age but can be overwhelming for some younger children.

Flexible Schedule

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Au pairs work 45 hours per week on a child care schedule that you set with them, giving you flexibility week to week. Most nannies prefer to have a set schedule and may have personal commitments that might conflict with your needs. Daycares typically have set schedules and may charge extra fees for late pickups or schedule changes.

Cultural Exchange

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Au pairs are unmatched when it comes to cross cultural and language learning opportunities for your children and your family. While this is central to the au pair program, it is a benefit that can be very difficult – and expensive! – to find with the typical nanny or daycare.


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All au pairs complete training in their home country through Virtual Au Pair Academy. Au pairs receive up-to-date training in CPR, first aid training, and study child development topics right before they join your family. Nannies typically have no formal training requirements and the training requirements for daycare staff can vary significantly depending on their location.


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AuPairCare is regulated by the U.S. Department of State and we follow strict guidelines set by this governing body. Independent nannies have no guidelines, nanny agencies are often self-regulated, and daycare centers follow state regulations that can vary widely (but typically include at least annual inspections). We also provide 24/7 local support for all of our families.


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Since au pairs provide live-in childcare, they are able to help with things many other caregivers may not, like preparing children’s meals, assisting them in getting ready for the day or for bedtime, taking them on outings including lessons and play dates, and so much more.

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