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Real AuPairCare Stories: The Kang Family from Virginia

The Kang Family from Virginia is one of the many families who have had an incredible childcare experience through the AuPairCare program. Their au pair, Sara from Brazil, was able to provide compassionate live-in childcare to the two Kang daughters who have multiple disabilities including mobility, communication, cognitive, vision, and other medical issues. The Kang familly told us:

Children of Kang family with their au pair, Sara.

β€œTo us, every moment Sara spends to engage the girls in stimulating activities, exercises, baking, playing with games and sharing jokes and laughter is a special moment. If I have to pick a particular moment, it would have to be our family trip down to the Magic Kingdom in Florida this year. We have never taken the girls on such a long road trip – 16 hours – in an RV before, so we didn't know what to expect. Sara joined us and helped us make great memories with them. She downloaded movies on their tablets and played games with the girls while on the road. Even though the RV was not designed to accommodate the girls' needs, she made sure they were able to get around the vehicle easily and be comfortable throughout the trip.”