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AuPairCare Stories

Welcome to AuPairCare Stories, the official blog of AuPairCare. Made for parents and au pairs, AuPairCare Stories offers plenty of advice for every phase of the au pair program. You’ll also find out about the many countries our au pairs hail from and the amazing things they do once they are in the country. Looking for some fun activities for your family? You'll find that here as well!

AuPairCare Au Pairs Volunteer in Maryland

AuPairCare Au Pairs Send Books to Children Across the World

AuPairCare au pairs in Maryland gathered together this holiday season to volunteer with Books for International Goodwill (B.I.G.), a charity that was started in the group’s own community of Anne Arundel County.

Thursday, January 8th
Happy 2015 From AuPairCare

Happy New Year from AuPairCare

New Years is the one of the only universally celebrated holidays around the world. The first place to celebrate is Samoa, an island nation near New Zealand and Australia. The festivities roll out across the world for the next twenty four hours, ending in Hawaii.


    Thursday, January 1st
    AuPairCare Family Santa Photo

    4 Secrets to a Successful Holiday Season with your Au Pair

    The holiday season is a favorite time of year at AuPairCare because of the wonderful experiences that host families and au pairs can have together. Au pairs look forward to experiencing this festive season through the lens of an American household. Here's a few ways you can work together to make this holiday season great.

    Tuesday, December 16th
    French AuPairCare Au Pairs

    Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: France

    With a language and culture that is hundreds of years old and full of interesting and fun quirks, France is a fascinating country to experience through your au pair! Learn more about the country where the term "au pair" originated.

    Monday, December 15th
    Activities with your kids and au pair

    Holiday Activities for Kids

    During this special time of year there are gatherings to attend, lots of delicious foods, and plenty of opportunities for au pairs and host families to share cultures. We put together a handful of fun holiday activities for families to enjoy!

    Friday, December 12th
    Thanksgiving Image

    Thanksgiving: A Unique American Holiday

    A fun and unexpected part of living in another country is celebrating national holidays that you haven’t experienced before. Learn some fun facts about the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

    Wednesday, November 19th

    Hear From an Au Pair: Your Au Pair Pre-Departure Project

    Au pairs have a lot to do before leaving their home countries and beginning their program year in America. One of the most important items on their list is AuPairCare Academy’s pre-departure project. Learn more about the time and effort our au pairs put into this project.

    Tuesday, November 11th
    German Boston College Au Pair

    Carolin from Germany Joins Boston College’s Marching Band

    Carolin came to Boston as an au pair in August 2013 to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Learn how she exemplifies the spirit of cultural exchange!

    Monday, November 10th
    South Africa Map

    Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: South Africa

    Au pairs from South Africa often have a lot of experience with children both in their own families and in schools and daycares. There is a strong focus on improving the education and physical well-being of children, so there are many opportunities for young au pairs to play, interact with, and educate children of all ages.

    Tuesday, November 4th
    Au Pair Playing Sports with Host Children

    Sports Around the World!

    A great way to learn more about cultures around the world is through their unique customs. In this blog, we're examining sports around the world!

    Tuesday, October 28th