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Au Pair Travel and Accident Insurance Information

STS Au Pairs: If you arrived in the U.S. or extended your program year before January 1, 2015 your insurance information can be found here.

All current au pairs are covered under a travel and accident insurance policy arranged by AuPairCare as part of the au pair benefits package.  Prior to your arrival in the U.S, you will be automatically enrolled with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) and sent an email instructing you to login to their website to create a "My Account." From this account, you will be able to print out your insurance ID cards and access the details of your coverage and the network of preferred provider doctors. It is the responsibility of the au pair to familiarize themselves with the policy coverage and exclusions.

Insurance Provider

All AuPairCare au pairs (excluding au pairs from the STS Organization arriving prior to Jan. 1, 2015) are insured through UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. The UnitedHealthcare StudentResources policy number is 2013-202858-2. Specific information regarding the UHCSR insurance policy and coverage is outlined below.

  • Coverage Brochure This brochure provides a complete list of policy coverage and exclusions and detailed instructions on what to do in the event of a medical/dental/travel emergency.
  • Call UnitedHealthcare StudentResources at: 1-866-548-8472. A representative is available Monday - Friday, 7am-7pm Central Time, to answer any policy questions you may have. 
  • Visit This website provides an insurance coverage summary, a complete brochure, a U.S. medical provider search, downloadable claim form, an informative Frequently Asked Questions section and other information.

Locating a Medical Provider in the United States

In order to receive 100% coverage or reimbursement for covered medical services, you must use an in-network Preferred Provider. To locate a medical provider in your area, you may access the Provider Search at this link.

If you are unable to find a medical provider in your area using the Provider Search, please contact UnitedHealthcare StudentResources directly at 1-866-548-8472. They will assist you in finding a provider in your area.

Emergency Care

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, you should always visit the Emergency Room immediately. If you have a medical emergency that requires hospitalization, UnitedHealthcare StudentResources will need to be notified prior to admission. The patient, patient’s representative, physician or hospital should telephone 1-877-295-0720 within two working days of the admission to provide notification of any admission due to Medical Emergency.

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources is open for Pre-Admission Notification calls from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m.C.S.T., Monday through Friday. Calls may be left on the Customer Service Department’s voicemail after hours by calling 1-877-295-0720.

Emergency room visits that do not result in admittance to a medical facility or are not necessary in order to treat an acute illness or accident will result in a non-emergency co-pay deductible payment of $250 that YOU must pay. Before visiting an emergency room in the United States, ask yourself if you are suffering from a life threatening or acute illness or injury. If not, it is best to contact a medical provider in your area.

Common Questions

I am sick and need to visit the doctor/dentist/hospital. What do I do?

If you do need to see a doctor, use the Provider Search to find an in-network Preferred Provider in your area. If you are unable to find a provider in your area, please call UnitedHealthcare directly at 1-866-548-8472 and they will try to assist you. You may be required to pay for a doctor’s visit out of pocket and then submit the receipts with a claim form for reimbursement.  For instructions on how to file a claim form please click here.
If you are unsure whether or not you need to see a doctor, you may contact the NurseLine to discuss your symptoms with a live nurse. To contact the NurseLine, call the number for the Collegiate Assistance Program, listed on the front of your ID card.

What doctors can I see?

If you wish for your allowed services to be covered at 100%, you must visit an in-network Preferred Provider with the UnitedHealthcare Options PPO Network. If your doctor is outside of the Preferred Providor Network, your claim can be considered, however, you may have a higher out-of-pocket expense. Find the Preferred Providor search here. If you have any questions about coverage, we always encourage you to contact UnitedHealthcare StudentResources in advance of your treatment.

I need to submit a claim to my insurance company so my medical provider may be paid.  How do I do so?

Follow these instructions to file a claim form.

I have a question about a bill I received from a doctor/dentist/hospital. What do I do?

With your bill and UnitedHealthCare StudentResources ID in hand, please call UnitedHealthcare StudentResources at 1-866-548-8472. You will also need to give the representative your name and date of birth. You may have received a bill for various reasons and it is best to contact UnitedHealthcare StudentResources to find out the specific reason. You may also contact the medical provider directly to ensure that they have your insurance information and policy number so that they may forward a bill to the insurance company.

I have a toothache and need to see a dentist. What do I do?

Your UnitedHealthcare StudentResources policy does not cover routine dental care and/or maintenance.  Only the cost of emergency dental treatment to alleviate pain related to an acute toothache, infection of the gum or accident involving an injury to the mouth will be considered for compensation. Please ask your dental provider to call 1-866-548-8472 to verify coverage and/or check on policy limitations or exclusions.

For additional Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Au Pairs from the STS Organization

AuPairCare does not facilitate insurance for au pairs from the STS Organization. 

Falck TravelCare 24-hour assistance

Telephone: + 46 8 587 717 17
Toll free number from USA/Canada: 1 800 871 9211
Fax: +46 8 505 939 13
Fax: when dialing from USA or Canada: 011 46 33 15 60 61
Please contact your STS partner office with any specific policy questions or concerns.

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