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Become an Au Pair in the U.S. with AuPairCare

For over 30 years, AuPairCare has supported young people who wish to become an au pair in the United States. Not only will we help you match with a family and take care of your flights to and from the U.S., but when you become an AuPairCare au pair, you'll receive a stipend, room and board, spend time with children and have plenty of vacation time to explore America with your new friends. 

Placement Areas

We place au pairs with exceptional families across the country. Whether you are matched with a family in New York or California, we’re certain you will have an amazing experience in America, learning all about life in your new home. Explore our placement areas to learn more about what au pairs love most about their year in America.

{"testimonials":[{"testimonial":{"title":"Michaela from Sweden, Placed in Colorado","body":"Being an au pair has changed my life in so many different, positive, ways. It's a cultural exchange and a \"give-and-take\".\u00a0I'm a lot more independent now, more confident and happier. The biggest change is that I now have a second family and many new friends from all around the world!\u00a0\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Colorado","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/michala-sweden-colorado.jpg","alt":""}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Miriam from Spain, Placed in New Jersey","body":"After this great year I got a backpack full of memories, awesome friends, places and moments that will last forever on my mind! Being au pair makes a change in your life!\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"New Jersey","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/miriam-spain-new-jersey.jpg","alt":"Spanish AuPairCare Au Pair Miriam"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Gabi from the Czech Republic, Placed in Washington","body":"My one-year experience opened my eyes even wider to the world and\u00a0changed my life :)\u00a0I improved my English, but what was more important is\u00a0I saw the world, I\u00a0met\u00a0great people, and I will always remember it!!\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Washington","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/gabi-czech-republic-washington.jpg","alt":"AuPairCare Au Pair from Czech Republic"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Nicole from South Africa, Placed in California","body":"This was the BEST decision of my life.\u00a0It was such a wonderful experience, where you got to know people from all over the world.\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"California","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/SouthAfrican Au Pair.jpg","alt":"South African AuPairCare Au Pair"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Viviana from Colombia, Placed in Connecticut","body":"The most important thing I got during my Au pair year is that I became part of a beautiful American family. Also I grew up as a person - sharing my time with my kids gave me the opportunity to get to know myself in a better way. They showed me what I'm capable of, and I learned that a job is not a job if you just enjoy doing it, then it is just living!","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Connecticut","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/Viviana Portilla 1.jpg","alt":"Au Pair Viviana playing with her Host Children"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Roberta from Brazil, Placed in Kansas","body":"I had a great year with my host Family in Kansas! I could to learn about American life, traveled to different States and knew better about their\u00a0culture! I grew with this experience because I could know myself better. I met people from different country and had a great exchange with them. I learned English when I took classes and talked to my kids every day. They helped me a lot with it. Now, I am ready to start my life in Brazil!\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Kansas","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/Au Pair Roberta from Brazil .png","alt":"Brazilian Au Pair Roberta"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Miriam from Germany, Placed in Oregon","body":"Being an au pair was the best decision I've ever made. I found a second family who gave me a home away from home and friendships for a lifetime.\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Oregon","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/miriam-germany-oregon.jpg","alt":"AuPairCare Au Pair Miriam from Germany"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Marcela from Colombia, Placed in Virginia","body":"I've made so many friends, good people from all around the world and my\u00a0English is way better now so here at home was very easy to find a good job.\u00a0Amazing experience not just to work or to improve a second language but\u00a0a chance to learn about cultures, food, customs etc.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Virginia","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/marcela-columbia-virginia.jpg","alt":"Au Pair Talia from Columbia"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Julia from Germany, Placed in Illinois","body":"I love spending time with my host family and my host mom. The best part is when we talk about each other traditions. It is so interesting to learn about the American culture, but it is also fun for them to see how different it is in Germany.\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Illinois","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/Au Pair Julia .jpg","alt":"Au Pair Julia and her Host Family"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Talia from Brazil, Placed in Texas","body":"The au pair program has added to my personal and professional life. I\u2019ve improved my English, my creativity and my patience. I\u2019ve learned to pay attention to what kids have to say and see things from other's perspective.\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Texas","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/talia-brazil-texas.jpg","alt":"Au Pair Talia from Brazil "}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Erika from El Salvador, Placed in New York","body":"I am so happy that the whole family accepts me as if I were one of them.\u00a0I am grateful for the laughs, conversations and great moments we have together as a family\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"New York","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/erika-el-salvador-new-york.jpg","alt":"Au Pair from El Salvador"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Lucie from Germany, Placed in Massachusetts","body":"I can recommend the program to every boy and girl who likes to experience something new and different, to everybody who wants to have fun and get to know new people and a new country. \u00a0Just do it and remember \u2013 being an au pair is great!\u00a0","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Massachusetts","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/lucie-germany-massachusetts.jpg","alt":"Au Pair Talia from Germany"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Valentina from Serbia, Placed in Minnesota","body":"I love this program!\u00a0I am very thankful to AuPaircare for everything, for living here now and having the AMAZING TIME of my life I will never forget. I love America!","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"Minnesota","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/valentina-serbia-iowa.jpg","alt":"Au Pair from Serbia"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Mandy from Germany, Placed in North Carolina","body":"\u00a0Each and every year, I fly back to America to see my host family and its wider relatives, and each time my visit feels like I have never been gone.","field_category":"Au Pair","field_state":"North Carolina","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/mandy-germany-north-carolina.jpg","alt":"Au Pair from Germany"}}}]}

How to Become an Au Pair

  • 1. Register to Start Your Application

    • Register and fill out a short application to confirm eligibility.

  • 2. Complete your Profile and Meet with a Local Rep

    • Complete your online profile. We’ll put you in touch with an AuPairCare representative in your country to help you along the way.

  • 3. Interview with Families

    • Meet American families by phone or Skype to identify the right match for you. Everyone must agree to the match – you’re not just assigned to a family! 

  • 4. Begin Your Year in the United States

    • After matching with a family and picking your arrival date, pack your bags and travel to the USA for a life-changing year ahead!

Register and Apply Today!