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Ultimate Host Family 2017

Ultimate Au Pair Host Family Winner

We love celebrating our au pairs here at AuPairCare. Every year we hold an Ultimate Au Pair Contest that celebrates participants who embody the spirit of the au pair cultural exchange program. Our au pairs however aren’t the only ones who make this program great – this year we had a contest to find the Ultimate Host Family!

It was tough to choose a winner, but we think the first and second place families were a great example of the love, family, and cultural exchange that happens when an au pair comes to the U.S. Read the entry from Marika, a Polish au pair living in Agoura Hills California with the Gubin Family!

What is it about your host family that makes them the Ultimate Host Family?

Grubin Family is The Best Ultimate Host Family! Why? They are the most loving, friendly and happy family ever. Host mom Britta, is beautiful inside and outside; she works very hard but she always finds time for her 3 wonderful kids. She is very respectful and positive women. Always ready to help and give the valuable advice. Thanks to her I was able to invite my brother and host him at our house!  Host dad Peter, is very active and always ready to spend active time outside with the kids. He likes to laugh, always hungry for knowledge about the world and about my country :) Annabella is the oldest child, she loves gymnastic, playing outside and school! She loves to compliment others. Juliette is amazing girl who loves girls stuff; dolls, playdates with her friends, pretty dresses and my high heels :) Maxwell is the youngest and the best buddy if mine! Always helpful with shopping, doing laundry and making our favorite polish pancakes. He said that one day he will marry me because like The Paw Patrol (TV show) just like he does. Grubin Family is the best family!

What have you learned from your host family about American culture?

I have learned a lot! There is no problem that cannot be solved. A smile can change the world. There are no stupid questions. Your knowledge and education is something that no one will take it from you.  and many many more...

What does the au pair program mean to you?

The au pair program means to me a lot; this is a great opportunity to learned, not just language but also culture and history. Meet new people, make friends, discover and travel across the state and country. But above all, take part in the life of a great host family and collect beautiful memories.

What are your favorite memories with your host family so far?

My favorite memories with my host family? Tough question because I have so many!  Holidays in Arizona and Colorado was definitely the biggest adventure but I will say that Christmas and especially Christmas morning is my favorite memory. Everyone was so exciting and happy! I was worried that Christmas might be difficult for me far away from my family, but Grubin family made every think they could to make that special day the most happy, beautiful and family day for me.

Tell us about a funny moment you've had with your host family.

Every moment with those kids is funny! Usually is something what or how they said; "lelow" instead of yellow  (Juliette), or Pirate Boobe instead of Pirate Booty (cheese puffs) (Maxwell). We had a funny questions too, like: why my nose is not blue? (Juliette), Why people can't eat people? (Maxwell), How much water is in the water? (Annabella). The truth is, every single moment with this family, no matter is it funny or not, I will remember as the best time in my life!


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