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Ultimate Au Pair 2019 Finalist: Lydia from Germany

2019 Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Lydia from Germany

Lydia has had a positive impact on our family since the moment she arrived. She grew up helping her mom work at kindergartens (preschool/daycare centers) in Germany, and she has brought our family so much knowledge of how to help children have fun, handle challenges, and grow.

When Lydia arrived, she somehow convinced our feisty 2.5-year-old daughter to let her French and Dutch braid her hair to keep it out of her eyes...and Lydia now makes new beautiful artistic patterns in our daughter's hair every few days. Lydia has also helped us immensely with getting our daughter to sleep for naps and at night. Our daughter respects and trusts Lydia and knows that Lydia is serious when she says something, and also that Lydia loves her deeply and is a fun big sister to play with. Lydia has also become a close friend to our 5-year-old son. When Lydia arrived, she understood that our son had some medical issues involving food and going to the bathroom, and she came up with creative and fun ways to monitor them. She also has made a point of making sure she has "special time" with our son, since she typically spends more time with our daughter since our son is in school more. Lydia has taken our son to two movies while off duty, which has made him feel very special and happy. He excitedly told us about the third movie that Lydia plans to take him to when he woke up this morning.

Lydia has been with our family for six months and we've already had many fun times together. We eat dinner together as a family on most nights and share our highlights and lowlights of each day. We just returned from a cross-country family holiday trip to Florida, where Lydia helped our extended family make "German" pancakes and create beautiful braids in all the girls' hair. She now has host grandparents, host cousins, and a host aunt and uncle who love her as much as we do! After we returned from palm trees, swimming, and warm weather in Florida, we celebrated New Years back in California and then took a fun family trip to Lake Tahoe to see snow, mountains, and skiing. Lydia played with our daughter while our son was in ski school, and also took the kids sledding and hot tubbing. On the last day, they built a snowman.

We knew shortly after having Lydia join our family that we wanted to have her stay with us for two years, and she felt the same way. Lydia is such a great fit with our family and a wonderful, natural addition to our day to day lives. Our relationship has only become stronger over time. We can talk about anything together and we love each other like real family. We know that Lydia will be a part of our lives for forever. We can't wait for the many great experiences we'll have in our time together over the next 18 months as Lydia continues to be our au pair. THANK YOU, LYDIA for being our ultimate au pair!


The Webster Family


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