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AuPairCare's 2018 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists


Every year at AuPairCare our host families take a moment to recognize the au pairs that have come into their lives and embraced the spirit of childcare and cultural exchange. This contest was one of the most competitive ever, but hundreds of entries and thousands of votes later, we have a winner - Wendy from Mexico. Be sure to read her story as well as those of our 7 wonderful au pair finalists!

Au pair Wendy from Mexico

First Place Winner Wendy

Wendy is an au pair from Mexico who has meant the world to her host family. Read how she's helped support her host child Ewan through his medical treatment, and how she was the real "Wendy Darling" for her host family. 

Au pair Karol from Colombia

First Runner Up Karol

Host mom Meghan describes au pair Karol as "our family's rock through this new adventure. We are so lucky to have her." Read on for Karol's story.

Au pair Margo from Ukraine

Finalist Margo

Her host parents describe Margo as "not simply a caregiver, but someone who has brought out the best in ourselves, someone who taught us to never give up, and to love life".

Au pair Jenna from Germany

Finalist Jenna

From baking delicious cookies to teaching her host child German words, read how Jenna has become a beloved member of her Host Family.

Au pair Angie from Colombia

Finalist Angie

Colombia au pair Angie has tackled all the challenges of being in a foreign country with energy, grace, and love. Her host parent's loved describing the care she gives to their two sons.

Au pair Luiza from Brazil

Finalist Luiza

Read on to find out why Luiza's Host Family says she is the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E.!

Au pair Karam from South Korea

Finalist Karam

Read on how Karam - or "KaTa" to her host children - used her background in special education to help her Host Family.

Au pair Thais from Brazil

Finalist Thais

Her host parents describe Thais as a superstar! It’s no wonder this Brazilian au pair’s host family nominated for au pair of the year.