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AuPairCare's 2016 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists


Every year at AuPairCare we choose from dozens of wonderful entries 10 finalists that embody the spirit of the au pair cultural exchange program! After a public voting period, we crown the winner of our Ultimate Au Pair contest. Read all about  the 2016 finalists as well as this year's winner and runner up.


First Place Winner Elem

Elem is a Brazilian au pair who has truly become a big sister to her host child. She's become an essential part of the Reynolds family.


First Runner Up Nicole

Read about Nicole, a Brazilian au pair who lives with the Pavelka Family in West Point, New York. She's done an amazing job as an au pair to this military family of six!


Finalist Calvine

From teaching kids French to being a loving responsible caregiver, Calvine has helped the Brightwell family thrive.


Finalist Cassie

Cassie has truly been a life saver to her host child, helping her when she had a seizure. Cassie has truly become the fourth member of her Massachusetts host family.


Finalist Hetty

Hetty, a German au pair living with a host family in California, makes her host children feel confident, happy, safe and loved. The Saul family is grateful she joined their family.

Finalist Valentina

Finalist Valentina

What Serbian au pair Valentina has brought to her Iowa family is a beautiful heart that shines through in her every action. Her host family is happy to have her!


Finalist Micaela

Micaela's host mom calls her the "superglue" that keeps her family together! She's brought South African culture to her California host family and they couldn't be happier.


Finalist Stefan

Stefan means the world to his host child Liam. Iin fact, he's the older brother Liam has always wanted!


Finalist Fe

Brazilian au pair Fe loves her three host children as much as they love her. No wonder she's been such a wonderful fit for the Mari family of New Jersey.

ultimate-aupair-south Africa

Finalist Lee

When the Cammilleri family expanded from one to two children, their South African au pair Lee was invaluable to that transition process not only for her host child, but for her host mom as well!