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Sharing Cultures: Schultüte

Back to school DIY for au pair's host children

Summer’s almost over, and that can only mean one thing—going back to school! Do you have a little one starting their first year of school? Help them get ready to learn with the German tradition of the schultüte!

A schultüte, or “school cone” in English, is a large decorated cone, filled with treats and school supplies and given to a child on their very first day of school. You can fill the schultüte with your child’s favorite treats, pencils, glue sticks, crayons, and any other supplies they might need, and decorate the cone with your child’s favorite colors or characters. Keep reading to see how to make a schultüte!

schuletute for host children by au pairs

You’ll need: • Poster board • Scissors • Glue stick • Heavy tape • Tissue paper • Ribbon • Decorations

Here’s how to make it!

1. Cut the poster board into the shape of a large triangle

2. Roll it up to form the cone, then tape the edges together.

3. Glue all around the outside of the top of the cone, about an inch from the top.

4. Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half and attach it to the top of the cone.

5. Decorate the outside of your schultüte and fill it with the supplies or treats.

6. Tie the tissue paper together with the ribbon. Finally, you’re ready to present your host child with their very own schultüte!


See the full instructional here:

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