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Guide to American Holidays and Traditions


With host families all over the country matching with au pairs from all over the world, AuPairCare participants are building cultural connections that last a lifetime. To help program participants connect with one another, we’ve put together some of our favorite blogs celebrating holidays and traditions!


Spring is a fun time of year, as we finally start to venture outdoors again after a long winter.  If you need some ideas for things to do, head over to our springtime activities blog for inspiration! Here in the U.S. Easter is the unofficial marker of spring, and many au pairs enjoy sharing the spring festivals they celebrate in their home country with their host families.




The summer is full of so many fun things to do!  The warm weather brings camping trips, delicious food and trips to the beach. The major summer holidays have patriotic significance, from Memorial Day, to the Fourth of July and finally Labor Day. This is the perfect opportunity to share U.S. history and educate kids and au pairs alike as to what it means to be American.




Fall in the U.S. means shorter days and cooler weather but also apple picking and hay rides. In our fun fall activities post, we give you lots of ideas for autumn activities. As the kids head back to school have your au pairs share with them some back to school traditions from around the world! And when October rolls around everyone can get together and create something amazing with our DIY Halloween costumes!




Once winter weather rolls around you’ll be spending more time indoors, but the Holiday Season in the United States means you won't be bored! There are plenty of seasonal activities suitable for kids that are fun for au pairs and parents as well. Thanksgiving is another holiday with deep significance to our country, so be sure to explain this unique American holiday to your au pair.


Whatever you do this year, we’d love to hear about it, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and see how we’re celebrating!



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