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Goal Setting: Au Pairs Create Empowering Life Vision Boards

Goal Setting: Au Pairs Create Empowering Life Vision Boards

This month, Rebeca Checo, the Admissions Coordinator from Pace University, led a national vision board making virtual event for AuPairCare au pairs. The common theme for this event was to think big, dream big, believe big, and your results will be big! During the event, Rebeca explained what the definition of a vision board is, the different strategies to create a vision board, and ways to achieve and stick to those goals. Au pairs came prepared with paper vision boards collected from old magazines and printed paper, and others created a digital vision board through Pinterest. The main purpose of this event was to teach our au pairs how to set empowering life goals and to get excited for the endless opportunities 2021 has in store. At the end of the event, au pairs in attendance shared what their goals and hopes for the new year were.

aupaircare virtual events for au pairs aupaircare virtual events for au pairs


Brazilian au pair Larissa shared that she drew her vision board and said, “My goals for 2021 are to do yoga, improve my English, and to eat healthier foods.” South African au pair Taryn said, “My goal for this year is to be happy. If you can’t change something that’s fine, you can only change what you can control.” Ale from Mexico said,

My goals for this year are I want to learn a fifth language, finish my master’s degree, and travel more.

In addition to setting goals, Rebeca advised different ways to stay motivated to achieve those goals. Some of those tips included positive thinking, manifestation, and placing the vision board in specific places they can see like their phone screen or posted on the wall. Academy Curriculum & Training Manager Kerry Birmingham-Smith said, “The presentation was a big success! Everyone came away with inspiration for 2021, and it was so inspiring to see our au pairs share their vision boards and hopes for the new year.”

Overall, this event was a great way to start the new year with a positive mindset. During the event, many au pairs found that they had similar goals they’d like to achieve during their program year, such as improving their English, getting higher education, and traveling. With the challenges 2020 has brought to many, this event helped our au pairs feel supported and that they are not alone in this experience. In addition, this event provided the opportunity for our au pairs to connect, share their dreams and tips for personal development, and understand the importance of thinking about goal setting for the future.

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