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Featured Host Family: The Mustafa Family

AuPairCare Ultimate Family 2021 Finalist

We love celebrating our au pairs here at AuPairCare. Every year we hold an Ultimate Host Family Contest that celebrates participants who embody the spirit of the au pair cultural change program. Our au pairs, however, aren’t the only ones who make this program great – amazing host families across the country are highlighted as nominees for our Ultimate Host Family contest! Au pair Melinda from Chile submitted a wonderful entry about her host family, the Mustafa family. Read on for more!

Why do you have the Ultimate Host Family?

My Host Family are the best of all, they are the ultimate family. I am not a stranger in the family we unit as one big family. They give me love, support, the help me to grow in life. We have the best relationship, I can talk anything with them and they will understand me. They know how to cheer me up and all. 

Words can't describe how great a family they are, they are amazing.


How have you and your host family shared your culture with each other? 

Me and my host family culture are way different from each other I'm Christian and they are Muslim. I learn so much from them and they from me there are so much to learn and see but the most that I like is Eid after Ramadan they Eid it's to break the fast its an amazing festival that's one of many I learn from their culture in my culture they learn about Christmas what is the meaning of it and they love it we learn so much from each other cultures. They are everyday positive about life and to be healthy. The best influence they have on me is to be thankful and grateful about anything even the little. 

maryland dc host family with au pair from south africa

What special moments can you share?

 We have everyday special moments we enjoy being together. We try to have everyday something special to remember about. The best moments are as one big family together, smile and enjoy every moment. We play and have fun, I will say for me the best will be when we go hiking and work together as a team and then we fail we will try again and laugh about it all in the end just. Day one they let me feel special and part of the family. They show me around and let me feel part of the family not like a stranger. They always support and stand with me. They try their best so I can feel like I'm home they try to cook some African dishes. They buy me all my favorite candies and food. They are one of the best families - they go out of their way for me.

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