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Featured Host Family: The Lawal Family

AuPairCare Ultimate Family 2021 Finalist

We love celebrating our au pairs here at AuPairCare. Every year we hold an Ultimate Host Family Contest that celebrates participants who embody the spirit of the au pair cultural change program. Our au pairs, however, aren’t the only ones who make this program great – amazing host families across the country are highlighted as nominees for our Ultimate Host Family contest! Au pair Arlis from Colombia submitted a fantastic entry about her host family, the Lawal family. Read on for more!

Why do you have the Ultimate Host Family?

They make me really happy. I am an Au Pair who did not have the fortune of having a family united by love. When I met my host family in our first interview, I felt an immediate connection with them and they with me, this, in turn, led me to accept their offer to join them in helping to raise their daughter Leila. When I arrived at the airport, I felt very nervous but then I heard the voice of my host mom say my name and when I turned around, I saw them there with their beautiful daughter Leila, a bouquet of flowers and open arms to give me a hug.

I felt the warmth of a loving family. 

We went to a restaurant to celebrate my arrival and since then I have felt comfortable and happy. It has been over a year and every day they ask me how I am, if I have slept well and whether I am happy.

What special moments can you share?

Sometimes we go to restaurants including Colombian restaurants and it reminds me of home. It pleases me to show my culture to my host family through food and watch them savor the flavors that are so special to me. My host family includes me in their plans and they trust me. We can talk about any topic and laugh about the little things.  My birthday was a memorable moment. I had never enjoyed it so much. I just thought about how lucky I am to have them in my life.   They spoil me with all of my favorite foods and desserts, they take me to have new experiences. We also had plans to travel together but a lot of those plans were placed on hold this year due to COVID. My favorite memories will be of those times when we can be ourselves, listening to the baby laugh, playing futbol, practicing English and Spanish, dancing to champeta. When I go out, I miss them and they let me know how much they miss me too.

They make me feel very special and important because for them, now I am not just their au pair, I am part of their family. 

This family has impacted my life as they have made me a better, more confident woman and I believe that all of the experiences I've had while with this family will continue to change my life. Thank you Aupaircare for giving us this opportunity. I came into this position as an au air with the expectation of fulfilling a job as a nanny to a young child but today, I am happy to say that they are truly a second family, one that I was not born into, but one that I can always count on. They will hold a place near and dear to my heart. I love my family, thank you very much to Lawal family.  

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