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A “Sweet” Trip Around Town

au pairs in ohio taste-testing american donuts

Who doesn’t love a good, old fashioned American pastry? AuPairCare’s Area Director thought an afternoon of sweets, new friendships, and strolling around town would be a fantastic way to bring together au pairs and a universal love of delicious desserts!

Butler County, Ohio has a fun activity where residents can receive a map and “passport” and travel to 12 local doughnut shops – aka the Donut Trail! At every bakery, travelers get a stamp in their passport for each visit.  The doughnut trail began with stop number one at Holtman’s Donut Shop. The girls enjoyed sampling their tasty treats, and it was a wonderful experience to learn about American culture as they discussed the history of doughnut shops in America and the American small business model. 

au pairs ohio donut trailtesting donuts in ohion

The au pairs enjoying themselves at a few steps on the Donut Trail!

AuPairCare’s Area Director also used this opportunity to have the au pairs get to know one another by “speed friending”. Everyone paired off and the girls shared a bit about themselves and had the opportunity to talk to someone they hadn’t yet met. At the end of stop number one, everyone had not only enjoyed delicious homemade doughnuts, but had an individual, personal conversation with each au pair there and had made new connections. 

au pairs from ohio eating donuts

Getting to know each other better during a rest break

They then traveled to stop number two for the next passport stamp, The Donut House.  The girls got to experience made-to-order, sweet-filled doughnuts still warm from the fryer.  It was quite a delicious experience.  All the au pairs were posting about their experience on social media saying they were “so happy” and they “had a delicious time.” Many au pairs said they have similar sweet treats, but they eat them as an afternoon treat with tea or coffee, so eating them in the morning was quite different for them. They also enjoyed learning about American small business.  Overall, it was and original, fun and successful event! 


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