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Cultural Exchange Brings Brazil 2014 World Cup to America

Brazilian Au Pair and Child Celebrating World Cup

Children begin expressing interest in different cultures at a very young age. Hosting an au pair exposes your children to ethnically diverse and historically rich heritages. It also helps them become more globally and culturally aware. The 2014 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup Brazil™ is a wonderful time to take advantage of your au pair’s background!

While many AuPairCare au pairs will have their home countries playing in the World Cup, it’s exciting to note that we have a tremendous number of au pairs from Brazil. Our Brazilian au pairs speak Portuguese, and usually come from family oriented cultures filled with vibrant cities, fascinating music, and lively festivals. The World Cup is an opportunity to participate in an activity that has a deep cultural meaning and sense of pride for your au pair. Have your au pair teach your child (and you) some cheers in Portuguese and even a dance to celebrate their (hopeful) victory. For decades, sports have brought people together from different nations. Much like teams recruiting the best players from around the world, we pride ourselves with building culturally diverse and happily matched families.


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