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Au Pairs Visit Washington, D.C.

Au pairs wait outside the US Treasury in Washington, D.C.

AuPairCare au pairs who live in northern Virginia get to enjoy Great Falls National Park, local fairs, bucolic country side, and premiere shopping. They also get to take advantage of easy access to Washington, DC, an architecturally beautiful, diverse, and culturally vibrant area. Most appreciate the District of Columbia because it is our nation’s capital and because of its proximity to our beautiful national monuments and federal government centers.

au pairs outside the white house

Each year, Area Director Cara Burke arranges for her cluster of au pairs to visit the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States. This year, au pairs enjoyed both a visit to the White House and a private tour of the “People’s House“ or US Capitol building. Cara worked closely with Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s staff, who helped coordinate visits for each of the tours. What no one expected was that on the day of the White House tour, while waiting to go through White House security, au pairs were able to see President Trump returning via helicopter, from a college commencement speech he had delivered earlier that morning. It was exciting to see the government in action! Says Burke of the Washington trip,

While the au pairs are visiting here and so close to the hub of our country’s government, I think it is important for participants in the au pair J-1 visa program to see these important landmarks. Our visit to the White House will be a lasting memory for an au pair when reflecting about her program year experience.

Marketa, an au pair from the Czech Republic shared, "Not only were there stunning interiors and exhibits, but knowing how many personalities whose decisions created American history walked through these halls and made the United States the country others look up to, made my visit to the White House an unforgettable experience."

Adriana from Columbia added,

My experience in the White House was so good! I enjoyed having the opportunity of walking through the rooms where important people in the world had visited, too. Also, it was a wonderful way of learning about the American government history. I really appreciate that our area director gave us the opportunity of going there. I not only experienced cultural exchange, but also enjoyed a day with my au pair friends.

enjoying the tour of reception room

Said Bernadise from South Africa, who visited with Cara on an earlier tour, “While my visit to the White House was fantastic, at the time I maybe didn’t realize then that it was a pretty cool privilege to be able to see it in real life and walk around there. Experiencing it with my friends and fellow au pairs was super fun. Looking back, and appreciating being able to come from many different countries and parts of the world and being able to walk around the White House in America was amazing.”

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