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Au Pairs Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer

au pairs join in breast cancer fundraiser

A version of this story also appears on the Department of State's Route J-1 blog.

Earlier this fall, AuPairCare au pairs and representatives from Westchester county participated in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Purchase, NY. The au pairs made up a diverse group, being from Spain, Colombia, and China. It was a memorable day, as they had the chance to walk with 20,000 people and raise awareness and funds to save lives from breast cancer.

This was a powerful and inspiring opportunity for the au pairs to contribute to their new community here in America. They felt integrated and happy to be there! Spanish au pair Ana shared her amazing experience: “Today meant a strong unification and reminder for people to keep fighting against breast cancer. By participating in this walk, we let them know that they are not alone and that impacted their lives! It was my first time joining this kind of event, but my mom always participates in similar events in Spain.”

au pairs walk in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer New Yorkau pairs walk in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer New York

Every year, the non-competitive 5-mile walk brings together people from all across the country with the goal to make a difference in the lives of anyone who has been touched by breast cancer. The annual event is organized by the American Cancer Society and aims to raise funds for innovative research, provide free information, and offer support to survivors.

From the opening ceremony to the post-walk entertainment, Spanish au pair Lulu also shared her favorite part of the event: “I loved the opening ceremony performance! There were coaches teaching us how to exercise properly and strengthen our bodies. Nowadays most people are sitting in front of the computer or playing on cell phones, and we don't take time to stretch. It was a great exercise and I would love to participate in events like this again!”

au pairs and area director at breast cancer walk

Au pair Lulu added: “This experience meant a lot to me. It was a reminder that we only live once and that it’s important to raise awareness for such an important cause. For me, the biggest happiness in the world is to know you have good health. We can't do anything without it.”

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