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Au Pair Program Glossary

Glossary Terms

AuPairCare's glossary defines a wide range of industry terms for those wanting to learn more about the US Department of State au pair program and au pair agencies.

  • Au Pair

    • An au pair is a young adult aged 18-26 from another country who lives with your family and provides in-home childcare services. Au pairs in the United States work up to 45 hours per week in exchange for the opportunity to live with an American family. Because au pairs provide live-in childcare, they offer flexibility and can care for your child at times that accommodate your family's schedule. An au pair is similar to a live-in nanny but differs from an actual nanny as au pairs live in your home and become a part of your extended family. Au pairs act as a loving caregiver, an older sibling for your children and offer you the experience of cultural exchange.


  • Au Pair Agency

    • A U.S. au pair agency is one of 15 different companies (including AuPairCare) that recruit and place au pairs in accordance with a Department of State designation. Unlike other au pair programs, where you match directly, AuPairCare provides a team to of matching exerts to support you through the search process and area directors to support you during your placement year. The AuPairCare agency advantage is the strict requirements and regulations that must be adhered to by both host families and au pairs and the around the clock support we offer participants.

  • Area Director

    • Area Directors are AuPairCare employess that serve au pairs and host familes at a local level. Area Directors live within an hour's drive of participants and meet families for a face-to-face interview once they join the program. Area Directors also regularly check in with both host families and au pairs in their area to ensure program compliance and satisfaction.

  • Department of State Designated Au Pair Program

    • The requirements for a Department of State Designation include; screening and selection of both domestic and foreign national program participants, monitoring of participants throughout the au pairs stay in the United States, compliance with the federal minimum wage guidelines, and orientation of au pair prior to leaving their home countries. To remain in good standing with the Department of State au pair agencies are audited frequently for adherence to program guidelines.

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  • DiSC

    • DiSC is a behavioral assessment tool used across cultures and in a number of professional settings. This tool provides insights into a person’s personality by measuring four traits, dominance, influences, steadiness, and compliance. The mix of these traits provides a snapshot of an individual’s strengths and tendencies. Compared to other personality assessment tests, DiSC is easy for users to take and offers easy to understand results. As a tool for employment DiSC allows employees and employers to belter match with those that complement their traits.

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  • Matching Expert

    • Matching Experts are AuPairCare team members that work with each individual family to make the processes of selecting a compatible au pair easier. Once a family has applied to the program they will receive a welcome call from their dedicated Matching Expert who will introduce them to the program and find out their needs, criteria, and expectations from an au pair. Matching Experts are available to answer any and all questions families have about the matching process as well as make au pair interview recommendations.