Find an Au Pair: Affordable Childcare for Host Families

AuPairCare understands that each family is unique. That’s why our au pair programs are customized to help you find an au pair that fits your childcare needs, lifestyle and timing. Our carefully screened au pairs provide the highest quality of in-home care to ensure that your children will be safe, happy and healthy. AuPairCare offers you a dependable, flexible childcare solution. You’ll have affordable childcare that fits your budget.

Did you know that AuPairCare has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating? See some of our host family testimonials to find out more about our great service!

What is an Au Pair?

Not sure of the advantages of au pairs vs nannies, or the responsibilities of an au pair? You’ll find that au pairs provide all the benefits of a nanny or daycare, while providing a great cultural experience at a better value than other child care services.

Meet Our Au Pairs

AuPairCare has hundreds of carefully screened au pairs from around the world available for placement. When you welcome an au pair to your home, you gain superior live-in childcare at a surprisingly affordable price. Meet some of our amazing au pairs!

Why AuPairCare?

Childcare that fits your budget
Hosting an au pair is a surprisingly affordable childcare solution. For about $350 a week, you’ll receive full-time childcare up to 45 hours per week, regardless of the number of children in your family. Make the program even more affordable by using our Family Friendly Payment Plan and pay program fees over an extended period.
Childcare that fits your lifestyle
Au pair childcare offers you flexibility. The diversity of our au pair selection allows you to choose the au pair with the childcare experience, special skills, interests and personality that will best fit your family's lifestyle. You set your au pair’s schedule and working hours to meet your needs.
Childcare that fits your timing
As soon as you apply to the program, you can begin viewing au pair profiles. AuPairCare’s innovative matching technology EasyMatch™ lets you see our entire pool of qualified au pairs 24 hours a day. Our Matching Experts are also available to guide your au pair search, connect international calls for free, and help you find the best au pair for your family. 
Childcare that fits your children
AuPairCare offers a range of programs to fit your childcare needs. In addition to our standard 12-month program, AuPairCare offers an Infant Specialized au pair program, short-term placements with au pairs already in the U.S., and Year 2 au pairs who have already completed one year in the United States. AuPairCare also places male au pairs and au pairs with special needs experience.
Get started today -- you can browse our au pair profiles or apply now if you’re ready to choose!
AuPairCare au pair waving with two  host children.
All of our au pairs speak conversational English in addition to their native language.

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