Safety Care™ Training Program

At AuPairCare, your child’s safety is our top priority.  That's why we’ve created a specialized Safety Care ™ program, as part of our mandatory au pair training program, to rigorously train au pairs to follow critical safety measures and prepare them for emergency situations. All our au pairs receive hands-on child and infant CPR and first aid training at our Au Pair Training Academy, and are equipped with important safety knowledge and skills to cope with the many situations they might experience while caring for your children.  During the Safety Care ™ training program, au pairs are introduced to American safety rules and the expectations their American host family might have regarding childcare and safety. 

Through seminars, expert instruction, video and interactive role-play, AuPairCare au pairs learn to deal with common safety issues and practice injury prevention techniques. Our curriculum was designed in concert with child and safety experts and incorporates safety best practices from the American Heart Association and National Safety Council.

children and adolescents suffer preventable injuries in the United States annually*

 *CDC Childhood Injury Report, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, 2008.

Behind the Wheel

We understand that allowing another person to drive your child is a big responsibility.  That's why our driving au pairs are expected to hold a current international driver's license and complete an online driver safety course before driving your children.  Here's a short clip of our in-depth driver training module:

Our proprietary course utilizes driving best practices from the Department of Motor Vehicles and the National Safety Council and instructs au pairs on how to keep children safe while driving.  Au pairs also learn driving safety tips, like road signs, traffic lights & speed limits and how to manage distractions in the car.

We strongly encourage au pairs and host families to practice driving together until both parties are comfortable with the au pair's driving ability.

There's No Place Like Home

Child safety laws and customs vary widely around the world, so our curriculum covers basic household safety practices that are typical of American families.  For instance, we teach au pairs about choking hazards, water safety and what to do in case of a fire. This helps your au pair transition smoothly into caring for your children the way you’d expect. 

Ongoing Training

AuPairCare is committed to educating and training au pairs to be safe childcare providers. Our safety training continues throughout the program year with monthly safety tips and practical childcare safety advice that are reinforced by your local Area Director.

“It's hard not to get distracted when you're driving an infant and toddler twins around. It was a relief that Lucie was familiar with American rules of the road, and she was diligent about pulling over if one of the kids was fussy.”  Williams family, South Carolina

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