Childcare Options: Nannies vs. Au Pairs

Au pairs and nannies may seem to offer the same childcare for your family, but an au pair is much more than a live-in nanny. An au pair lives in your home and becomes a part of your extended family while acting as a loving caregiver for younger children and a big sister to older children. Some differences between a nanny and an au pair include:

  Au Pairs Nannies
Varied Training All AuPairCare au pairs receive training in CPR, first aid and child development. Nanny training varies greatly. A domestic nanny is not required to be trained in childcare.
Costs The cost of an au pair is about $7.75 per hour, regardless of the number of children she is caring for. A domestic live-in nanny typically charges between $10 and $15 per hour, plus a premium for each additional child.
Supporting Staff AuPairCare provides support staff for each family and au pair to ensure a high-quality childcare experience. There is often no professional support resource for a nanny.
Flexibility of Schedule An AuPairCare au pair can work 45 hours per week, every week, covering numerous responsibilities. A nanny may have limitations due to personal commitments, vacations, or scheduling conflicts.
Consistent Childcare AuPairCare au pairs can provide your child with up to two years of consistent childcare. It is unusual to receive that type of long-term commitment from a nanny.
Choice AuPairCare au pairs are from more than 40 different countries and au pair matching is selected based on your family's needs. Nanny services may not be able to offer a specific match.
Regulated AuPairCare follows a strict set of guidelines set by the United States Department of State in operating the program. Nanny agencies tend to be self-regulated.
Pre-screened All au pairs are thoroughly screened and interviewed and undergo a comprehensive background check. The burden of screening and performing a background check is your responsibility.
Cultural Experience Every AuPairCare au pair provides a cultural learning experience for your family. A domestic nanny may or may not add a cross-cultural benefit.

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AuPairCare au pair feeding child.
All of our au pairs speak conversational English in addition to their native language.

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