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Spotlight on Japan

Known as “The Land of the Rising Sun”, the serenity of the Japanese landscape and courteous manner of its people are as tranquil as the morning sunrise.  From the bustling metropolitan of Tokyo to the quiescent countryside, this island country is truly unique.  Japan has made a tremendous impact on the world.  With their influential contributions in the fields of technology and popular culture coupled with their reverence for family life, our Japanese au pairs are a wonderful way to introduce a loving caregiver for your children into your home.

Family Values

Traditional Japanese values highlight the importance of family in Japanese culture.  Children are raised to understand the significance of responsibility, humility, obedience and respect for elders.  Unlike other cultures that focus on the “nuclear family”, the traditional Japanese family embraces the “continuing family”.   A popular Japanese saying indicates that even when an extended family does not live together, parents and grandparents should live in close enough proximity to carry over a hot bowl of soup.  Together, our Japanese au pairs and host families create their very own “continuing family”.


World renowned for countless contributions in the fields of technology ranging from automobiles to electronics, Japan is the world’s largest producer of automobiles and the recipient of the most science Nobel prizes in Asia.  Honda, Toyota, Sony and Canon are just a few of the Japanese brands that have become household names.    Japan is among one of the frontrunners who keep us up-to-date in the rapidly growing and changing world of technology.

Popular Culture

The Japanese entertainment industry is so diverse that people of all ages and ethnicities can enjoy it in any of its various forms.  From the extreme popularity of Pok√©mon, Hello Kitty, and comics amongst our youth to the entertainment of karaoke, the influence of Japanese popular culture in the United States is undeniable.  Relaxation and leisure can be achieved through music, films, comic books, game centers and karaoke parlors.  It is not uncommon to see Japanese commuters reading their favorite manga (comics) while listening to the latest music on their MP3 players.  Though Japan is often seen as a hard-working society, its people enjoy entertainment in all forms. 


Japanese restaurants are a popular choice for a night of fine dining or a quick meal.  The dishes mainly consist of rice or noodles and soup, with a main entree made from fish, meat, vegetables, and tofu to add flavor.  Sushi, the most popular food of the country, is enjoyed around the world.  Made with fresh and unprocessed ingredients, Japanese dishes are extremely delectable and healthy.  Preparing a Japanese cuisine is an easy-to-do activity that your au pair can engage in with your child.  What a delicious way to introduce a new culture into your home!


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