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Welcoming a French au pair into your home is an amazing way to introduce your family to a wonderfully rich culture, language and tradition. France is one of the most beautiful and metropolitan countries in Europe, boasting gorgeous countryside, important landmarks and world-famous cultural sensibilities: the word "au pair" is French for "on par"! Find out how French au pairs have been shaped by their culture and how their affectionate demeanor will enrich your family's childcare experience.


France boasts some of the world's most prestigious celebrations and festivals! The Cannes Film Festival is held yearly on the French Riviera, and many Americans and European au pairs attend to bask on the beaches of Cannes. The celebration of Bastille Day in Paris is another popular festival among au pairs in France, and commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution. The celebration ends with fireworks and shouts of "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite!"—Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!


France has long been considered a center for European music, from classical styles to modern folk and hip hop, popular among au pairs. In the region of Central France, popular folk music includes the use of the bagpipe as well as the unique hurdy gurdy, a mechanical violin native to French culture. France has also bred the composer Georges Bizet, who composed Carmen, one of the most well-known operas in the world.

Family Values

Families of French au pairs place a very high emphasis on family as well as tradition. These au pair's families are usually very close, and French parents take great joy in instilling their caring and inquisitive values in their children who become au pairs.  Relationships in extended families are also important as they help to connect family members of au pairs and maintain closeness. French families also live close to one another, get together frequently, observe traditions, and rely on each other for emotional support.


French cuisine is considered to be one of the world's most elegant styles of cooking, and is celebrated for its many styles. French au pairs are raised eating many varieties of dishes, from small meals of bread, cheese and meat to elaborate meals with courses including foie gras and porcini mushrooms. French food often gives the mistaken impression of complicated preparation; in fact, much of French cuisine is fairly simple, and a French au pair will rely on loving preparation above all else.


The French are exceptionally active and hold physical well-being in very high regard! Rugby, football (or soccer), and cycling are the most exhilarating and popular sports in the country and among au pairs. The Tour de France is the world's most famous bicycle race, which takes the cyclists on an adventure throughout France's spectacular countryside, and ends in Paris with an thrilling celebration at the fabulous Champs-Elysees avenue!

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