About Us

AuPairCare is the premier au pair agency providing live-in childcare to American host families. In 1989, AuPairCare became one of the first au pair agencies designated by the United States Department of State to legally sponsor au pairs to come to the United States. Since then, we've made more than 50,000 au pair placements across the U.S. Our au pairs come from more than 40 countries and have been fully screened by AuPairCare. They all have previous childcare experience, speak English, and have a sincere interest in living with an American family. Most importantly, they love children and enjoy spending time with them.

AuPairCare is a part of Intrax, a globally-oriented company that provides a lifetime of high-quality educational and work programs that connect people and cultures. Intrax has operations in more than 100 countries worldwide and offers diverse educational and cultural programs including:  high school exchange, language classes, leadership programs, and work and internship placements. Our sister companies include Ayusa, Intrax English Programs, Intrax Work Travel and Intrax Global Internships.  Since 1980, Intrax has placed more than 350,000 participants in its programs.  Intrax is based in San Francisco, California, with offices in four continents.

Our Staff

Sarah McNamara, AuPairCare

Sarah McNamara

Vice President, AuPairCare

Sarah joined Intrax in 2006 as the Director of Marketing and transitioned to the Senior Director of Operations and Products after great success in her role. Sarah is now the Vice President of AuPairCare, providing operations, sales and marketing leadership to the business. Her background is in lifestyle marketing, spanning online and offline strategic marketing initiatives for companies including Macy's, Hewlett-Packard, Realtor.com and CareGuide. Having studied a year abroad in Germany, Sarah knows the benefits of cultural exchange and is a host mom herself. Sarah and her husband have welcomed five au pairs into their family and are proof that AuPairCare is a great childcare solution for busy, working parents.

Courtney Biggs AuPairCare

Courtney Biggs

Director of Field Operations

Courtney’s passion for international exchange brought her to AuPairCare in 1994 when she hosted her first of many au pairs. She began working for AuPairCare in January 1995 and over the years Courtney has worked in a variety of positions within AuPairCare. Currently, as the Director of Field Operations, she works closely with the field staff to provide every host family and au pair a quality program experience. Courtney majored in International Relations and French while in college in Virginia and enjoys how her position has allowed her to work with dynamic individuals from all over the globe. Courtney and her husband David have four sons ranging in age from 9 to 20 and their family currently resides in Weston, Florida. Courtney has a passion for spinning, running and yoga and spends much of her free time supporting her boys on the sidelines of football, soccer and basketball games. She’s been able to experience firsthand how the program works and is able to share this unique perspective with other host families and au pairs participating in our program.

Diane Du Toit

Diane DuToit

Regional Manager, Northern California

Diane’s passion for cultural exchange brought her to AuPairCare in 1994 where she has served in a variety of field management positions. Her love of travel was sparked in college where she majored in International Business and French and spent time studying and working in France. Diane and her husband hosted au pairs as their 2 boys were growing up and credit the experience for creating a love of languages and global awareness in their family. Her favorite part of the job is witnessing the wonderful life-changing relationships that develop between au pairs and host families. In her free time, Diane can be found spending time with family and friends, swimming, practicing yoga and exploring trails with her Labrador retriever.

Julia Brewer Regional Manager

Julia Brewer

Regional Manager, California Sud

Julia has been with AuPairCare since 1994 and accepted the role of Regional Manager for the newly created California Sud region in 2014. The region encompasses Southern California, as well as the South Bay/Peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area – hence the name “Sud”, which means “south” in many languages. Julia enjoys working with the hundreds of au pairs and host families in her community, and truly believes cultural exchange programs foster a better understanding of different cultures and make the world a better place for us all.

Sherri Bwint

Regional Manager, Northeast

Sherri's first interaction with AuPairCare began as a host family in 1993. The Bwint’s found it to be a great fit for their family and their children benefitted from the nurturing, secure care they received. Sherri joined the Area Director team in 1997 and has been a Regional Manager since 2006.  With a Master’s in Counseling from Villanova University, along with her host family and Area Director experiences, Sherri is able to assist host families and au pairs alike. Feeling passionate about the positive impact this cultural exchange experience provides for families makes the job a perfect fit. Where else can you find quality childcare that is both flexible and affordable while at the same time broadening your family's worldview? Sherri manages the Northeast Region for AuPairCare.

Maureen Carn Regional Manager

Maureen Carn

Regional Manager, West

Maureen Carn joined AuPairCare in 1994 and has worked in several different field capacities before becoming a Regional Manager. She began her career in the international exchange field at St. John’s University in New York where she worked for eleven years and was the Dean of the International Student Office. Maureen enjoys working with young adults from around the world and believes in the many wonderful benefits that international exchange offers. Maureen manages the Western region for AuPairCare.

Carol Eaton Regional Manager


Carol Eaton

Regional Manager, Eastern Seaboard Region

Carol Eaton began her career at AuPairCare in 2004 as an Area Director before joining the Regional Management team. Carol believes her years immersed in the field of cultural exchange have brought richness to both her professional and personal life. Outside of AuPairCare, Carol enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She’s an accomplished textile artist, avid gardener and outdoor enthusiast. Carol manages the Eastern Seaboard region for AuPairCare. 

Nikki Rodriguez Regional Manager


Nikki-Rene Rodriguez

Regional Manager, New York

Nikki Rene began her journey with AuPairCare as a host family and soon took the position of Community Coordinator. Shortly thereafter she moved on to Area Director, and became a Regional Manager in 2013. Originally from Connecticut, her passion for performing brought her to NYC and she has been living in New Jersey for the last 23 years. Nikki has performed on Broadway and traveled abroad singing and dancing - She even met her husband Jon, performing in a show in Israel! Nikki Rene Manages the New York Region for AuPairCare.

Thesresa Edwards Regional Manager


Theresa Edwards

Regional Manager, Lone Star/Garden State

Theresa Edwards joined AuPairCare in 1994 and has worked in several different field capacities before becoming a Regional Manager. Theresa has personally hosted au pairs to help meet the needs of her family, and her family still maintains contact with their “adopted daughters”. AuPairCare has offered so many wonderful experiences to Theresa and her family through the many acquaintances they have met in host families, au pairs, Area Directors and staff at AuPairCare. Theresa feels this position truly enables a greater perspective of the globe from one’s little corner of the world, and provides insight into the many cultures that can influence our lives if we allow it. Theresa manages the Lone Star/Garden State region for AuPairCare.

Leslie Sirbaugh

Regional Manager, Southeast

Leslie Sirbaugh joined AuPairCare in 1995 and worked as an Area Director in Charlotte, NC and Jacksonville, FL before becoming a Regional Manager in 2007. Leslie spent a semester of college studying in Geneva, Switzerland which enabled her to travel throughout Europe and fostered a love of travel and cultural exchange. Her family hosted an au pair from Sweden in 2006 and they still keep in touch.  Leslie enjoys jogging, playing golf and tennis and spending time with her children. She also volunteers and serves on the U.S. Golf Association Girls’ Junior Committee. Leslie manages the Southeast region for AuPairCare.

Jennifer Warner

Regional Manager, Midwest

Jennifer Warner joined AuPairCare in 1994 and was an Area Director before becoming a Regional Manager. Prior to joining AuPairCare, she worked in human resources. Jennifer is the mother of four children - including three teenagers. The best part about working for AuPairCare is that no two days are the same. Cultural exchange provides endless opportunities for learning about other cultures as well as our own American culture. Jennifer manages the Midwest region for AuPairCare.

Marisa Lonic

Director, Au Pair Academy and Training

Marisa joined AuPairCare in August 2010 as the Director of Au Pair Academy and recently expanded her role to encompass additional training aspects for AuPairCare. Her passion for cultural exchange stems from being raised in both Italy and New York and extensive travel abroad. Marisa received her Masters of Education while studying in Padua, Italy and has held positions at the high school and college level teaching Spanish and Italian. Prior to joining AuPairCare, she was a manager and trainer for a multicultural team of language instructors. Marisa and her husband recently welcomed twin boys into their family and are hosting their first au pair.

Trudy Mar

Director of Call Center and Matching

Trudy Mar joined AuPairCare as the Director of Call Center and Matching in 2012. She began working in the au pair industry in 2006 and has extensive experience working with host families and au pairs in different capacities. Trudy studied and worked in Paris, France and has always had an appreciation for other cultures. After hosting exchange students when she was younger, she has seen first-hand what a life changing experience exchange programs offer as well as the lifelong relationships that develop. Trudy has 4 children and 2 dogs and is passionate about her family, cultural exchange and world travel.

Rachel Adamson

Director of Partner Services

Rachel Adamson joined the AuPairCare team in 2006. With her excellent customer service background Rachel came to AuPairCare as the Matching Department Manager. Rachel's expertise and skills led her to her current role as Director of Partner Services. She manages AuPairCare's Partner Services Team, who are dedicated to supporting Intrax offices and partners overseas. Rachel's role is crucial to ensuring overseas partners are able to effectively recruit and screen high quality au pairs to place with AuPairCare host families. Rachel resides in the East Bay with her husband of 7 years. She has a grown son who is an ambulance driver/EMT and is studying to be a Fire Medic.



AuPairCare has a longstanding relationship with the U.S. Department of State and embassies abroad and in the U.S.

In addition, AuPairCare has partnerships with and memberships in the following international education, exchange and au pair associations:


“I am writing this letter to commend a member of your matching expert team, Brooke Logterman. I contacted Brooke as soon as I enrolled with AuPairCare and within hours she had sent me three VERY suitable au pairs to consider. Brooke suggested our current au pair, Elphia, for us because of her experience caring for twins (which we have) and she has been a perfect match for our family.”

Daniel Naranjo