South African AuPairCare Au Pair Chenae
AuPairCare au pair Chenae from South Africa lives in Washington DC with her host family, and by the end of her placement, will have been with them for 2 full years. The whole family wishes she could stay with them forever!
Host Dad with au pair and wife.
Finding the perfect childcare provider for your family can be hard, especially when undergoing the interviewing process. How do you accurately judge the skill sets and compatibilities of candidates in such a brief encounter? The following 5 tips on what not to ask potential caregivers will help you get to know your future caregiver and assess whether they are up for the job.
AuPairCare Host Family
The National Partnership for Women and Families has released a report highlighting the state of working parents in America and their experiences with family leave, childcare and work-life balance. According to the report, “Nearly 71 percent of children live in families where all parents work,” a statistic that AuPairCare is well aware of and seeks to address.
Friday, August 08 2014
AuPairCare Academy Training
One of the most important elements of AuPairCare's au pair academy is the Safety Care safety training program. Learn how our staff prepares au pairs to care for your children via classes in CPR and first aid, driving safety, and social media awareness.
AuPairCare wins Best Nanny Service Award from Bay Area Parent
For the third year in a row, AuPairCare has been awarded "Best Nanny Service" from Bay Area Parent Magazine! The award was given throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Marin, the East Bay, the Peninsula and Silicon Valley.
Polish Flag AuPairCare
Many young people come from Poland to join host families as an Au Pair. Let's explore the country and its culture!
Wednesday, July 23 2014
AuPairCare Au Pair and Bilingualism
Speaking more than one language offers many advantages to children throughout their lives. An AuPairCare au pair offers children exposure to a second language at an early age.
Au Pair Reading With Host Child
Find out how host families and au pairs can keep children engaged with reading during the summer months with three easily accessible reading programs!
AuPairCare Infant Specialized Training
Our Infant Specialized au pairs go through extra training to learn the American way of care-giving, along with key topics such as safety, Infant CPR certification, First Aid Training, baby massage, and infant sign language.
Kids playing during 4th of July
Holidays can be great opportunities to facilitate cultural exchange between your family and your au pair!