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AuPairCare au pair with infant at the beach.

Getting Started as an Au Pair

Thousands of au pairs have spent their year in the U.S. with AuPairCare supporting them as their placement agency. As our AuPairCare alumni tell us, being an au pair is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Learn about the steps for becoming an AuPairCare au pair, from applying to our program to your arrival at our Au Pair Academy in New Jersey.

  1. Au Pair Requirements – The first step to becoming an au pair is to confirm that you meet AuPairCare’s program qualifications.
  2. How to apply –The application process is easy! If you think you meet AuPairCare's program qualifications, start by filling out our short pre-application online.
  3. Matching with a Host Family – Once you’ve completed your application and interviewed with a local representative, families can start searching for you right away! Learn more about our au pair selection process.
  4. What Happens Next?  - Get an overview of what it takes to become an au pair and see what happens next!

Ready to get started? Read about our au pair training program and then apply online to become an au pair!

Good luck! We look forward to welcoming you to the U.S!